Thursday, May 8, 2014

TDR Shake Down Run

I will be doing a shake down run in western Colorado and eastern Utah.  Looks like fellow TDR racer Andrew Schuhmann will be joining me.  This is basically the same shake down I did for 2010, worked well then, hopefully it will all pan out for 2014

If anyone is interested you can follow my SPOT on my share page here:
I knocked out a quick & dirty GPS track, about 280 miles total. 
Resupply is as follows:
  • Modern Convenience store right at point of departure
  • Fruita at 9 miles                                (food & water)
  • Westwater at 46 miles                   (water and bathrooms)
  • Moab at 110 miles                           (food & water etc)
  • La Sal at 144 miles                            (small general store next to La Sal Post office)
  • Bedrock Store at 170 miles           (small general store—might be closed as it was for sale at one time)
  • Gateway Resort at 217miles        (full resort, store, small restaurant etc)
  • Super C Store at 272 mile              (I think this is the 1st store we would hit on the outskirts of GJ)
yup, it's all getting close now .............

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