Sunday, June 15, 2014


This is a picture from the first day taken off of the forum from ABfolder.
Yesterday was another long day.  I received a text from him around 2 am this morning when they made it to Eureka.

Here are some pictures he sent this morning from yesterday's ride.

 Marshal's words about this first one were, "This is about the only sun we saw all day."

Marshal has been riding off and on with the man below, named Scott.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

TDR Day 1

While Marshal is gone I am going to try to update his blog.  He sent a picture this morning, 2 am, from a hotel room, trying to dry out his gear.  From his text last night he said, "We got so wet and cold it's not even funny."   The day started out in the rain, then they had snow and rain off and on all day long.

 He is already up and moving this morning.  He is hoping to make the border and beyond today.  Hopefully the weather will be a little more cooperative today.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Pending Departure


Tomorrow I will wrap up a few work items and hop a plane to Banff.  Bike is packed and ready; hopefully there will not be any airport/travel related snafus.


Some final statistics:

  • Bike weight (no food/water) 42 lbs (about 2 lbs more that I wanted but I am sticking to my main strategy of long smooth hours coupled with lots of robust camping capability)
  • My weight 157 lbs (so my total weight, me + clothing + bike/gear will be about 5lbs less than 2010)
  • Training miles logged, who knows but enough to lose 30 lbs which is what matters most in my particular case
  • 2010 Finish Time—21 days, 18 hours (6th place)
  • 2014 Finish Goal---19 days, 23 hours, 59 min (top 20)(considering my capabilities, the snow conditions and how perfect each day will need to go this is a true long shot but still my main race goal is sub 20 days.)

Main concerns—reconstructed knee or left Achilles going   south



Marshal Bird

Saturday, June 7, 2014

"But there's nothing I can do about it now………"

Last training ride near Silver City, was in the area for work and got in 60 miles, mostly after dark, this ride was so nice, one for the memory files...
Come and follow along:
If you are reading this blog you probably have these links but here they are if needed

2014 Tour Divide SPOT Location Tracker Info
You can follow the overall race here:

2014 Audio Recordings from the Racers

You can follow my individual spot tracker here:

You can follow/read and make race related comments here:
(note: find the ‘new’ 2014 TDR thread –always started once the race actually kicks off)

"I've got a long list of real good reasons
For all the things I've done……….
And I know just what I'd change if went back in time somehow
But there's nothing I can do about it now………"
                         Willie Nelson, Nothing I Can Do About It Now

Working thru the final checklist, second guessing gear choices, getting ready to box up the ol dragon bike and hop on the plane to Banff in a couple of days……….

Time to get centered, to find the right mental balance, to let the hype, excitement and also the doubts and worries fade into the back ground.
And time to say thank you Sharon for all you do.....

Time to go quite and get focused, might get in one more post but then it will be time to say---See ya on the other side........