Monday, May 5, 2014

My TDR Electronics

For 2014 I will be running a Revo Mk1 Dynamo light combo.   At night I will run the 400 to 800 lum light.  I have used it enough to know it will work great for the TDR.  It simply does not have enough output at slow speed for true singletrack riding but for the TDR it will be perfect.  Just plug and go, no muss nor fuss.  I will supplement the dynamo driven headlight with a rechargeable helmet light.

During the day I will switch these leads

(tucked in the outer side pocket of my oversized tank bag, but under the rain slip)  Once switched the dynamo output will charge my helmet light and simultaneously charge a catch battery and run my GPS.

The catch battery (you can see the top of it in the bottom of this pic) 
can be used to charge my I Phone or run the GPS at night. The USB charger, cabling and catch battery are velcroed to one side of the tank bag and tucked behind a piece of windscreen.  Any connectors I need to access/switch are easily reached without unloading the bag

My opinion now that I have had the system for a while:
All in all it’s a complex system.  If I was a bike commuter I would absolutely run a dynamo/light. As a TDR racer there are things I like about the system.  First and foremost is unlimited ‘back to back’ night riding possibilities-- with no battery worries.  But in all honesty these systems add too much weight and complexity for a race like the TDR.  But I will use it anyway as it’s paid for and sort of fun from a ‘tinker around’ point of view.  Again--if I was a bike commuter I would absolutely run a dynamo/light but it's overkill for a race...

Other electronics include a backup GPS, rear blinky light(s) , I Phone (mostly for music), SPOT and 80 lum head-strap camp light


  1. Marshall, after a couple of TDR's with the dynamo do you still feel it isn't the best choice for TDR? I'm gearing up for a TDR attempt in 2016. I've really enjoyed your blog and the sharing of good info.!! Thanks!