Saturday, May 31, 2014

Less fear

the Carver Ti 29er dragon bike rides again
Race Strategy(s)
There a numerous race strategy’s for the TDR.  And they tend to go hand in hand with the various bike and gear selections.  Having completed the 2010 TDR my thinking has evolved a bit.  When I look back I realize I spent much of my time in 2010 worrying about what ‘might’ happen.  
 ya baby, my new jersey from LBS

Well what might happen ‘might’ but most likely ‘won’t’.   

So for 2014 I have chosen gear and an overall strategy focused on fear reduction. 
·         I will make better & more ‘race focused’ (and fewer ‘comfort focused’) choices as the race unfolds.
·         I will stop less overall and be more effective when I do.

·         I will maintain the best pace I can but will not overextend myself on climbs.

·         Within reason I will not let rain, or distant rain clouds, dictate my saddle time or end of day.

·         I will not routinely over supply or carry to much water.

·         I will camp more but with a more resilient sleep system.
·         I will ride longer but may stop more often at the opportunities for real food. (Note to self: do not over eat real food except at the end of the day)

·         I may take more power naps rather than always try to caffeine my way through.

·         I will not carry to many superfluous repair parts and extra clothing. Or have tires and drivetrain items unnecessarily replaced.

·         I hope to sometimes ride with other racers.  But will not automatically lock into someone else’s pace or schedule. (note: this is a complex topic so please don’t read too much into my abbreviated comments)

In short I will endeavor to apply the lessons I learned in 2010 to race smarter and harder.  And along the way I hope/plan to finish faster yet enjoy the overall experience even more.

Dragon bike is ready to get down to it




  1. Good post, Marshall. I've enjoyed gaining some insight from you veterans of the TD. Your blog has been an important part of my "training". Thanks!
    Also, the new jersey looks most excellent! See ya out there soon.

  2. Ah, power naps. Nothing wrong with that during the long days. For camping, is that so you can ride as long as possible and then just camp rather than having to stop where there are hotels? How many nights did you stay in a hotel in 2010?

  3. Andy,
    I spent about 1/2 in hotels the other 1/2 camping in some fashion. I have a more robust sleep system this time--plan is to only hotel if I hit one late enough--last time I occasionally stopped early but then got up early--debatable in my mind as to which system is truly most efficient