Friday, June 19, 2015


Hi:  Not much to tell.  I talked with Marshal last night and he was feeling good.  He said the knees and Achilles tendon on one leg have made him slow down a bit.  He called into MTB cast, so you can either access that by the forum or on Facebook.  He hasn't been able to send pictures back because of a technical problem.  Sorry about that.  Thanks for all the positive thoughts and prayers going his way.

Friday, June 12, 2015

On His Way

Hi:  This is Sharon.  I am going to try to update Marshal's blog while he is doing the TDR.  He left a message this morning saying all was good and he was ready to go.  So please check back, and if he sends pictures I'll try to pass them on.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Are you in 'that place' you need to be?

I had a glimpse of it near the end of my 3 day shake down run..

Got a email this morning from ML asking a simple yet immense question:

"Marshal, are you ready? Are you in 'that place' you need to be?
I assume you are still grand depart?
I am about to release final details on the route changes.

So am I in ‘that place’ one needs to be at going into something like the TDR?

Anyone who has raced, not just toured but rather raced (or contested to the best of their individual capability) a self-supported multi-day probably truly appreciate and understand what this question implies.  I am sure others who have participated in other types of intense, extended competitions also understand what it means to be in the right place preceding an event like the TDR.

Anyway, for me I can answer yes in several ways. 

·  Yes, my physical condition is in ‘that place’.  Disallowing age factor, basically best ‘bike’ condition of any time in my life.

·   Yes, my bike, gear and route prep are set and ready to go.  I feel I have the right/best balance of light vs durable.

·   Yes, my mental state is ‘there’, eager yet relaxed.

·    Yes my race strategy(s) are flexible, honed and tested.

Of course nothing is guaranteed, like all participants, a simple mechanical or minor physical injury could derail everything in an instant. 

But I am standing right on the threshold and looking in. 
And I like what I see waiting. 
Barring a significant mishap along the way I will soon be experiencing and living in ‘that place’ for about 20 days.