Saturday, February 8, 2014

Tawas a Good Day for racing empty Trains (course I lost badly)


Spent a hour or so on fast hard packed snow, followed by two more hrs on soft slushy slop.  Ahhhh---It was a nice day to be playing at TDR Racer in my part of Colorado.

My TDR bike is coming together quite nicely.  A few months ago I basically tossed it back together, somewhat close to the 2010 TDR version.  Since then I have been slowly tweaking it and dinking around with many minor gear choices.  I seem to be constantly buying stuff on eBay.  My wife has accused me of just attempting to work it so I get to receive some type of fun package every day.  She could be right.  Here is a picture of some eBay-fun odds & ends from my desk drawer.
Micro adjustments: 
I use to just keep riding, not want to interrupt my ‘training’, thinking I would ‘fix’ things when I got back home.  But I always seemed to forget.  Now I routinely stop and adjust little things on my bike or re-pack my gear till it’s right.  It always works better if you tune stuff after about 2 hours into the ride vs trying to remember and do it back at home……..
Last night, using a trainer as a stand and a tape measure I set my new handlebars, grips, aero bars etc as close to the old ones as I could.  But during todays 3 hour snow ride I felt my left little finger start to go numb, so I stopped in a sunny spot, broke out a snack and made a micro-adjustment to the angle of my Ergon grips.  Problem solved (or at least so far….)  Of course I forgot to bring along a long Allen wrench for the aero bars so I get to micro adjust them next ride…..

Here is a picture of something very important to me. 
My new ‘wider’ handlebars and ‘rises’ for my aero bars.  My old bars did not allow enough distance between the aero bars.  And without the risers the aero bars were not quite high enough.  During todays snow ride I spent at least 1 hour down on the aero bars. Yes, both comfortable and good control—yes --I think I may have my TDR cockpit fundamentals just about nailed.


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