Sunday, February 2, 2014

Super Bowl Winter Fat

Normally I am up on this trail with my bike--today it was snowshoes

Well the home team was humiliated today, good thing I do not invest much emotional energy in spectator sports. 

However I am very much invested in trying to shed weight.  Unfortunately I have gotten past the easy weight loss and now my body is fighting back.  Nope it says to me—ha, I may be willing to drop a few easy pounds with a few 2 to 4 hour rides but now you have to start working for it………..

Every spring for the last 20+ years I have practiced a simple form of eat less, exercise more to lose some winter bear fat weight.  I simply watch the total amount I consume and add some additional fruit, veggies and fiber.  IE: a little less yummy tasting processed foods, a little more of the boring but good stuff.  Nothing radical, nothing sacrosanct, just a slight nod towards a healthier diet.  However eating better is never enough because like most I can’t help but consume more than my body really needs to actually lose pounds.  This is of course where the bike riding comes in.  If I have time and the weather cooperates I can easily put in the miles/time to shed 1 to 2 lbs every 7-10 days.

But somewhere along the way there always comes a plateau in my weight loss results.  It’s always the same, as I ride more I become more efficient.  I can pedal longer with less effort, which is a good thing but…

Training Partner

….basically my body quickly drops into a comfortable, now well recognized “endurance mode” and the time/effort required to shed each additional lb goes up dramatically.  Age seems to make weight lose harder but I am not to sure about that…..I continue to pretend age doesn't matter

Anyway, usually I bump over these plateaus with additional and extended rides.  Unfortunately my job requires about 3 out of 4 weeks of travel—and try as I might I simply cannot spend more than 1 hour on the rusty old exercise bikes found in most hotel fitness centers
I know, ya, whine whine whine, who other than me really cares……….all I know is a way will be found to get where I need to be……

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