Sunday, May 18, 2014

TDR Racer & Master Bike Mechanic

Had some spare time over the weekend and began installing a pile of new parts.  I am more of a ‘just oil the chain & ride’ kind of guy but there is a certain satisfaction that comes from installing new bike parts.  Basically every moving or wear part on my bike is now new.  My only minor concern is the sealed cartridge bearings in my new Revo Mk1 dynamo hub.  Unlike a normal hub you cannot do a spin test to ‘feel’ a sticky, failing bearing.  Also I cannot find anything about replacement.  I have some hard miles and some wet riding on the hub, it would be nice to know the bearings are still running smooth…

But other than the dynamo hub all the other stuff is done, BB 30 bearings, chain, chain rings, cassette, rear hub bearings, spoke & rims re-tensioned etc etc…..

In a couple more weeks I take my final training ride and commence final final gear selection and bike/box packing. It’s getting more  real with each passing day………in many ways I am ready to be done with all the ‘extra’ time and effort that goes into the TDR.  I know my wife is way past ready for it to be behind us.

I went back and revisited one of my January posts, “GoLight to Go Fast “

That January post included this weight chart:

2014 Weight Chart
Nov 20th               187lbs
Dec 23rd                181lbs
Jan 18th                 174lbs
edit: Feb 23           169lbs
edit April 1st         166lbs
May 28                 my Birthday
June 11th              fly to Banff

As I sit here in a airport on my way to S CA for work I am now at 158 lbs, or about 3 lbs shy of my original 155lbs ‘race’ weight goal.
almost naked bike on a quick bike path ride with Sharon

Yup, it’s getting real, real fast……….

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