Friday, May 23, 2014

Running Cool on the TDR

just added a simple & light insulated slip cover
I have been meaning to do this for a while, and considering the time line I guess it’s now or never.  I’ve used this same trick many times and also back in 2010.  I have found I can make a 2.5L mix of ice/water (or my favorite TDR energy/drink,-ice/pepsi) stay ice cold till it’s used up.  Sometimes there is enough ice left to cool more water from a warm external refill.  May not mean much in Montana but a insulated bladder could be quite nice to have come NM’s hot dusty sections.  Hey every little thing helps and I am tempted to drink more/better when it’s ice cold
Also the slick aluminized cover makes it easier to slip the bladder into the frame bag and reduces the chances of the zipper snagging the soft plastic.

Side note:  Feel the anxiety yet?
Am I, and a small handful of others, the only TDR racers who update their blog???
I just went thru all the blogs on the signup list and almost no one is adding to their blogs--come on I need more distracting reading materials over the next two weeks to keep me from climbing the wall ....


  1. Ha! I'm doing my best to update but I suspect everyone is too nervous! -Andrew

  2. Andrew, you write so well--the more posts you do the better!!