Sunday, May 25, 2014

Memorial Day Post

(I am a Thankful Vet who gets to race the divide)


To help reintegrate traumatically combat-injured U.S. veterans and active service members from recent wars into society by building hope and resilience, facilitating camaraderie, and providing security and serenity through fly fishing and other high quality therapeutic recreational mediums in southwest Montana
Scott Williams, a rookie TDR racer with a strong road racing background and one who has the tools to race at the tip of the 50 yr-old+ group has asked a favor of me. 

Scott (with the help of his wife & daughters), like many TDR racers is raising money for a charitable cause and has invited me to participate in their efforts. 
Every cause that fellow TDR racers are raising money for seem worthy.  But this one hits a wee bit closer to home than many.
I don’t normally ask others to contribute or make donations. Usually I follow the ‘anonymous’ path in these matters. 
However, as a Vet this one does hit close enough to home that I am asking you -- any & all family, friends or fellow TDR racers who read my blog to seriously consider a donation to Scott’s cause!

Just follow the link to the Warriors and Quite Waters Foundation, go to the donation page and follow the drill.
Hey, be sure to type “racing the divide" under the "additional comments” box.

Thanks in advance and have a great Memorial Day!!

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  1. I saw a documentary on this foundation. Being a fly fisherman I thought it an amazing organization. Thanks for bringing back to my attention.