Wednesday, October 30, 2019

2018 Tour of Idaho Day 6

Day 6

Early on Day 6, while riding across a meadow in deep wet grass I got the front wheel up in the air and over a ‘surprise’ angled log but just caught & slid the back tire and crashed.  As soon as I hit I knew I was in trouble as I felt my knee twist and pop on the way down.  Torn ACL was my diagnosis as I lay there on the wet ground.  Turns out, I was right, torn ACL along with a fractured, slightly compressed top of my tibia, at least that’s what my surgeon said when I got home.

 Pre crash……my Jedi knight light saber pic......

 Post crash, got out to the roads--lucky for me Day 6 was long but non-technical , note the extra gas in the bag, really the only day I really needed my gas bag.......

 Eyes starting to tell a story, much of the day I was 2 degrees from panic knowing that Day 7 & 8 had some remote, semi-technical sections. I was just moving forward according to my former plans--not sure what was coming........

 As close as I could get to this check point without crawling……..pain was'nt bad but only if I kept my knee/leg just so...........on the bike I could stand with almost no discomfort...on/off was a problem but not so bad on day 6's easy terrain

Hanging on, wondering how/what I was going to do for Day 7/8, did not want to give up my Tour but….?? Not sure no real plan yet but get to the end of the day…...

Ha, she did NOT want to have her picture taken but played along, also that is the fakest smile you will ever see on my face….

Plan was-- I bought some ace bandages and would reinforce the straps on my right knee brace (was wearing braces cause my left leg had ACL some 20 yrs ago and I am old and brittle, had I been wearing them ‘correctly’ I might have avoided all together the need for a second ACL reconstruction………then again, maybe not…..)

Anyway I had a plan, very sketchy but a plan……….

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  1. Are they going to rebuild you in time for the 2020 TD?
    Also, what model Kato is that Marshal?