Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Sometimes life’s a beach (or at least some tide pools)

Got in some sun & fun down in San Diego with family.  And got word today that my vacation will be approved, so barring unexpected work or personal issues I am in for 2015.

The other day I stumbled across Scott’s review of his Spiderflex saddle.
Scott mentioned that Kurt Sandiforth used one for his Triple Crown (Kurt is the TC record holder bty) rides.

My interest was perked so I ordered one for trial.  Went for my 1st ride today, spent a lot of time fine tuning its position. 
To be honest I have no clue how to really set it up properly.  It’s really different.  Anyway I will do some rides/hours before I comment yea or nay.  

Also got a new $80 ebay carbon handlebar that has just enough mounting real estate for my $14 ebay aero bars but still offers rise. 
Perfect fit for aero bars, ideal overall width & rise—ding ding I seem to have an ebay winner!! 
Also ordered up a $90 carbon fork.  Waiting for a spare race crown and then testing will commence on it. 
Sort of scary testing an off brand but I suspect it’s the same manufacture as the $400 ones.

All in all, my TDR bike is coming along quite nicely.  I will keep chipping away at it over the winter, testing this and that item, GPS mount, bear spray storage location, cable routing etc etc.  But the only major items left are a set of light weight bags.  I will most likely go custom front to back as I have some specific ideas that I want to incorporate for my small daily items, tools, electronics and water bladder etc.

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