Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Pending Departure


Tomorrow I will wrap up a few work items and hop a plane to Banff.  Bike is packed and ready; hopefully there will not be any airport/travel related snafus.


Some final statistics:

  • Bike weight (no food/water) 42 lbs (about 2 lbs more that I wanted but I am sticking to my main strategy of long smooth hours coupled with lots of robust camping capability)
  • My weight 157 lbs (so my total weight, me + clothing + bike/gear will be about 5lbs less than 2010)
  • Training miles logged, who knows but enough to lose 30 lbs which is what matters most in my particular case
  • 2010 Finish Time—21 days, 18 hours (6th place)
  • 2014 Finish Goal---19 days, 23 hours, 59 min (top 20)(considering my capabilities, the snow conditions and how perfect each day will need to go this is a true long shot but still my main race goal is sub 20 days.)

Main concerns—reconstructed knee or left Achilles going   south



Marshal Bird

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