Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Stick a fork in it………..

Been knocking out 2 to 3 hour rides, 2 hours is not even a warm up ride at this point…, keeping the edge on and the weight off but basically I am ready to taper for a week and

get on up to Banff……….

Final weight on 'ready to go' bike-31.8 lbs with every last item (42 items in all on my final list of tools/personal/first aid etc) from my list.

Working end

Coming at ya…..

Includes Greg’s double strap system, internal compression straps to adjust width, reflective safety strips, and on--

the right side/new frame bag—3L + bladder compartment along down tube—long zipper.  Upper storage compartment-short zipper + not seen are ‘internal top tube elastic straps’ holding up out of way a tire pump and roll of tools/parts

on the left side/new frame bag—pocket for maps/passport/kinsio tape/thin stuff etc and hose port



  1. 31.8 lbs .... wow ! Have a great race Marshall.

  2. Mike, thanks for following along --you have a great "NB" race also!!