Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Finished Product (almost)

Well I am down to the last pound or two of “do I take it or do I leave it”.  I will now go back and forth, mildly agonizing over trivial gear choice/decisions.  Always do it, always take just a little bit to much, oh well we are talking the weight of one std water bottle.  Looks like once I add in all the personal supplies, extra this and that I will be close to 32 lbs, about 1.5 lbs over target………..I can race with it………….ha, and I will.........

shown closed
Here is my new waterproof/zipper-less tank bag, with one hand I can open, access, and close while riding.  
shown open
Personally I think this style is currently, bar none, the "best" available in tank bags. 

note security cable attached to seat
Here is my new seat-post bag.  I like my custom outside pocket—
note rear entry storage pocket for cable w/tiny lock (partially pulled out) 

here I store my light weight bike lock—fast to access and lock, fast clean storage-100% out of the way

Get your tank and seatpost bags from Greg at :

Will post up on my new frame bag soon (it’s got some fairly unique features also)


  1. Nice bags and an amazingly light setup. Hope I can at least get as far north as CO before ya pass me going south ! Have a great ride !!

  2. Great setup Marshal. I like the zipperless gas tank.
    I get the distinct impression from you vetrans light=fast. How light is too light though from a comfort/safety point of view? Of course you locals will be much more aclimatised to the cold and can get away with less.

  3. Flyboy, I blogged a post on the matter of 'light' but from reading your blog and trip reports I would think you will handle the TDR conditions with ease