Saturday, May 16, 2015

Commencing Countdown

Bike as shown, ie: with SP 8 hub, wiring harness, front light & aerobars is exactly 20lbs.

Today I stripped all the bags off my bike and did the entire bike rebuild stuff.  New brake pads, BB, chain, shifter cable, derailleur and hanger.  Slapped back on my TDR racing wheels, a set of carbon rims with DT rear/ P 8 hubs built up by the master himself, Mike Curiak.  Also changed out the pedals to my A600 one sided SPD’s.

About all that’s left to do ‘bike’ wise is to re-stans the Nanos.   

Should have my new frame and tank bags next week and will then commence with final pack out / gear selection.  I am still expecting a final dry weight of 29-31 lbs. 

The light weight approach really paid off during my shake down ride last week with Mike Schlichtman. 
Mike packing up at 4:30am
Mike is a very strong rider but was pushing more bike weight up the hills.  This allowed me to match paces quite nicely.  
Will post up my final pack details out in a few........


  1. Sounds like you might float away!
    Nice job putting together such a svelte rig. Have you reached your goal weight for your body too?
    See you soon!

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  3. Yes I have reached my weight goal(s) for bike and bod. Together will be pushing 20lbs or 10% less for 2015 start
    thanks for following--see ya in a few.....