Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Magic Legs

hee hee, eat your heart out flatlanders
I just completed three training rides.  Each one quite different, the first involved a steady 10 mile climb with a bit of post holing through some slush. 
just like the TDR route in MT
 The second involved about 4 hours of high desert double track.  
lower wall is single plank of wood, had to have been a huge tree, I would love to buy this cabin and restore it
And the third about 25 miles of lower elevation desert single track with some real sand here and there.  At some time in the past I have done all three rides, but it’s been over a year or more for each. 
not as hot as Stagecoach 400 will be but a good intro to some sun and mild heat

Re-doing each ride with a significant lighter body weight has taught me two things.  Frist lesson is a lighter body weight doesn’t increase one’s VO2 max.  I can’t really scoot up the short little climbs any faster without going anaerobic.  In other words my personal red line is about the same.  But the second lesson learned from these three rides is they are so much easier overall when you weigh some 20+ odd pounds less over the same terrain.  Easier to recover, easier to grind away just below threshold, easier to drink, easier to re-fuel on solid foods, easier to ride up that tricky section without needing to walk, knowing you will quickly recover from the maxed effort and also easier to get carried away till the old VO2 limit reminds you there is a limit after all.

Stagecoach 400 coming up, aero bars are off, suspension fork back on, I am very curious if I will have a solid ‘race’ or if like last yr I have to back off and tour…………….should be a good time either way……..

2015 ride is a FULL HOUSE
March 27, 2015
Start Time TBA, Idyllwild CA
400ish miles
Absolutely, positively, (delightfully?) NO support.
Ends in Idyllwild, CA @ The Hub CyclerySPOT satellite tracker use is mandatory.
GPS navigation assistance is strongly recommended.
Time Limit for the Stagecoach 400 is 5 days.


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