Saturday, March 21, 2015

2015 Stagecoach 400

poster for Stagecoach 400
Next Friday I will start the 2015 Stagecoach. I was able to ride it in 2014 and really enjoyed this unique event.   

Having done the CTR, AZT, AZT750 and TDR I can honestly say the Stagecoach ranks right up there with the ‘classic’ multi-day events.   Yet due to the desert, mountain, urban, and ocean aspect of the SC, it’s just different, in a fun way.   

This year Brendan Collier, mad genius behind the SC route/event has added a ferry crossing (Coronado to San Diego)  Its 225 miles from the start up in Idyllwild down to the ferry and the ferry only runs certain hours.  Part of the race strategy will be to arrive during operating hours.  To soon or too late and you lose time. 
$4.25 gets you a 1 way ticket across the bay...
By my calculations I should be able to make the ferry by Saturday evening, but only if I have a smooth race.
I have been in S Calif for work and am in San Diego this weekend -- so have been riding bits and pieces of the route including the ferry.
Today, after putting in a semi hard ride and camping out last night on the actual route I have mixed feelings about my chances for a solid race. The legs are good, even great but I can tell, just like 2014, the desert heat and sudden shock of ‘long saddle hours’ will be a tough jolt to the ol system. 
My hope for 2015 is to fall into a good pace right from the start and hold it thru the discomfort of the inevitable saddle/skin irritation and body fatigue all the way to the finish.  Time wise I hope to finish early in the morning on Monday vs my 2014 Monday evening finish time. 
doesn't show up,  but from here I could see the ocean and downtown San Diego
I better as I need to drive back to Colorado and immediately catch a flight to Canada……………
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  1. Am so looking forward to getting down to the coast and getting that ferry ride in ! See you next week.

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  3. you and me both.......thanks for reading