Saturday, April 12, 2014

Perfect TDR Training Ride

  Scott Williams

I was home this weekend and had the chance to do a training ride with Scott Williams, a fellow 2014 TDR participant. 
Scott is preparing for the TDR, is the same age I am, lives fairly close by and offered to share a training ride.  We had a great ride up Mt Herman road and looped back down to Palmer. The sun was out,
I should have wore shorts as my legs have yet to see any sun, what with to cold or so hot in the SC 400 as to need coolers........
 As we climbed the long gravel road I told Scott that this particular climb/gravel road represented a significant portion of the TDR route. 
He likes this type riding so he will really enjoy the TDR!
We talked a lot of TDR strategies, navigation, hotels vs camping and gear choices. 

And for a few miles we even found a small bit of TDR type hike-a-bike snow. 
A great training ride!  Scott is a rookie to multi-day but has been training hard and has the legs for a fast finish.

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