Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Memory Lane

The 2014 TDR is getting close enough to begin to be real…………scary in many ways……this time I truly know what I am setting myself up for

And tonight, while looking at some current TDR blogs I ran across this old interview. 
Not sure how to link a video--just click the link--it should do the trick
And does it bring back some memories!  Derrek, the young man doing the interview caught me on the bike path thru Salida Colorado.  He surprised me right when I was chocking down a Aleve (my multi-day naproxen of choice).
Watching it sure brings back that saddle sore pain.  I can see I was slid way up on the seat to avoid pressure on my sit bones.  I had spent a wet, cold night before, learning that my superlight bivy bag was 100% worthless in real rain....
The “Mike” mentioned is Mike Prochaska.  He spent the night at the same spot (he had mistakenly thought I would lead us to a 'good' camp spot but we wound up near a busy, dusty  intersection just outside of Hartsel.  Mike & I crossed paths several more times and rode together a bit down in NM.
And by the end of this same day Mathew Arnold had caught me right at the top of Marshall Pass.  As mentioned in the interview, with a few short exceptions, I had ridden the entire race to that point in isolation, only seeing other racers during stops and such.  Anyway I was ready for some company and Mathew and I rode together till the final 24hr sprint into AW.

And I still think a lot about Dave Blumenthal.  Dave can be seen in the 2010 TDR start photo above.  The tall man in the green windbreaker with the huge smile, kneeling next to me (I am the one in the white windbreaker)

RIP Dave, I will be thinking of you again come Brush Mtn Lodge area…….
......wow memories...

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