Sunday, March 9, 2014

Last Shake Down

Pre Stagecoach 400

edit: click here to follow the race:

I had to take the work van west to Las Vegas catch a plane east etc etc—but on the way so I got in an unexpected, last/short 2 hr shake down desert ride.  Also stayed up late and sorted thru all the small bits and pieces. Funny how they all add up--the final bike cut "always" winds up heavier than you think it will during your 'round-town' training runs.

I really am tempted to reconfigure the bike for the Stagecoach 400 rather than the TDR.  If I used a small backpack, and dropped some cold weather/rain gear-- I could eliminate the entire front bags if I went ‘race-light’.  But the whole idea of the SC 400 is to use it as a prep for the TDR—so I stay on plan….
So here is what I will run for the SC 400 (who knows what it will look like come TDR)  it’s going to handle single track like a pig but what the hey…………

Few more shake down ride pics:


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