Thursday, March 6, 2014

1 Week till the Stagecoach 400

Sort of ready but not really……….

As the Stagecoach 400 approaches I have never been so unprepared for a multi-day race. 

The bike is mostly ready but there are key components glanced at but truly left unchecked and as is.  (I will be using my TDR setup, aero bars, tent--the whole 9 yards.....well I am using different/larger tires......)  And now the bike will be sitting untouched for the next week while I fly about the country in pursuit of money to pay for things like mtn bikes, TDR racing, mortgage payments and food for the table......

The gear is mostly packed but the little items, tools, personnel kit etc are just random piles in a box that may or may not contain what is really needed. 

The clothing and sleep system are mostly set, but the new shoes will be left home, un-cleated and in their shoe box.  

The new dynohub, light and USB charger are installed but not fully tested. 

The just received 2014 SC 400 GPS track is up loaded but not double checked.  Some water and food Waypoints are still a bit of a stab in the dark…….

The training is mostly on track (for the TDR in 2+ months) but you can only train so much on hotel exercise cycles. And the weight loss is on track (now at about 167lbs) but again that’s on track for the future TDR, not the SC 400.  So I am still a bit porky for a real race.

And most of all that body/mind Zen state of being is NOT going to kick in during the 1st hr and last till the end of 3 or so back-to-back all-day efforts.  With the exception of a few 4 hr training rides  virtually all my training/base miles are from 1 hr sweat sessions on a trainer of some type. 
So while the legs have had some simulated interval work, the overall body is in for a truly rude surprise around  mid-day next Friday --when I tell it NO-- no stoppey now--why we are just barely getting warmed up………

Actually I do not mean to whine--I truly am looking forward to this race.  100% new-to-me route combined with my version of an underprepared/ wing-it style. 

But--Why what could go wrong?  Makes me think of that quote--something about ‘the real adventure begins when things start to go south’…………

I will add/edit in the actual SC400 2014 SPOT tracker page when it’s available   ....
edit: click here to follow the race:  SC 400 SPOT Tracking



  1. You will have a blast!!! No whining and no crying because it's time to play in Southern California! See you on the 13th!


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