Sunday, April 2, 2017

Mike Hall

A few days ago Mike Hall died during the inaugural Indian Pacific Wheel Race in Australia.

We never met, we never raced at the same time but we raced some of the same events and exchanged a bit of forum talk.  I studied his bike prep intently and tried to emulate in my own way his hard core race strategies. Mike was a front runner and I mid pack at best. Once when Mike wrote some unexpectedly complimentary remarks about one of my upcoming races it made my day.

I don’t write this lightly but Mike was one of my few multi-day racer heroes. 

I have been away from this blog, pre-occupied with my current prep for the Tour of Idaho (moto event).  But Mike’s death has really made me reflect on my multi-day racing.  It’s made me realize that while busy with other things I am not done with multi-day bike racing.  Look for me to finish off the Highland race report, and in time post up future multi-day stuff.

Tailwinds forever more Mike.

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