Sunday, April 26, 2015

Training Training yada yada…….random randomless scribblings….

Time is rolling on towards the Grand Depart.  Since the Stagecoach 400 I have been traveling for work virtually every week.  I try to squeeze in a weeks’ worth of training over the weekends. The need to ‘train’ vs just go for a ride gets old, old and old, but with only 46 days and only about 10 of them real training opportunities I have to keep at it.  I want to hit my final weight loss goal but it’s not looking to good.  I want to ITT the KT but question if I should do that type of effort close to the TDR.  Mostly I just want 40 or so days to go by………….

Soon I will be making my usual pre-race ‘must do’ check-off list.  Little things like ‘secure a well-padded laptop shipping box’ to send my work computer home in from Banff.  And critically important things like replace the BB and drive train will go on this check-off list.

I have a new frame bag, its oversized and easily holds 4L (3L bladder and 1L soft bottle) plus assorted tools etc.  Of course now that I have it I can see how it could be slightly ‘tweaked’ to be even better…….

Still planning on a sub 30 lbs bike + gear but need to get this and that gear choices finalized….

Still trying different combinations of riding shorts
 and chamois creams but also testing pain numbing ointments as I know the problem (impacted hair/follicles) will rise its ugly head around Lima MT regardless of what I am wearing or sitting on………

Sometimes, but not really, I think I should just chuck it all and drift over here…

Yes, yes the smooth still current of the last year+ TDR prep is changing and building momentum, to a faster flow, soon to be a nose-dive over the lip of the trail head in Banff……….


  1. Your training sounds like mine. I am away for 4 days per week with work and have to fit all of my training in around that as the weekends are pretty much off limits so that I at least get to spend time with the kids.
    Is that photo with the KTM on the Porcupine Rim? It looks like a spot I stopped to catch my breath a few years back.
    Another question, your "gas tank", did you get it from BBD? I wouldn't mind a rainproof one myself.
    See you in 35 days!!

  2. KTM is up on ridge above Grand Junction Colorado, not to far from Porcupine/Moab area.

    Bag is from Greg at , he is making me a new & improved version --waterproof and easy open/close with no zipper....

  3. Thanks Marshal. I have whisked off an email to Greg in the hope he can perform miracles.
    How did the shorts go? I only started to notice discomfort after 4 long days in the saddle but I deliberately didn't use any chamois cream to push the boundaries.

  4. Groundeffect shorts worked very well. By the end of the test ride I had less than usual issues which is as good as it will get....

  5. Hi Marshal, you helped me out with some information about your Carver bike a few years ago. I now work for Ground Effect so it is great to see you using, and having success with the Exocets! Thanks for posting these updates, I am really enjoying your updates etc. I just shared your blog with a mate who is contemplating the TD (as am I) in the future. Pedal on, Scott

  6. Hey Scott I am very impressed with the Ground Effect Exocets. I ordered a second pair--only the 2nd time I ever ordered a spare pair of shorts. Simple but effective solution to several common chamois issues! Ha, if you ever need a US distributer let me know.