Thursday, January 15, 2015

Progress Report

Almost done---with the bike & gear that is…..

I never stop tweaking till my final pack out.  Still need to clean up the bags a bit--re-sew some straps etc--but unless some ‘later in the year’ overnight testing or trial racing pushes me to change something major- this is pretty close to what I will have in Banff come June.

Quickly, off the top of my head it includes:

Scott Scale 900 frame, carbon rims with SP front xx1 DT 240 rear (thanks MC –so far I am liking them! Serfas E-Gel Cruiser Bicycle Saddle, ‘china special’ carbon fork, Relevate Ermine Seat Bag , top tube bags from --I removed the zipper from my oversized front bag and just use the rain fly to seal/open it—this is the cats meow for top tube food bag!!  If I was a bag maker I would refine this concept—no zipper to gum up/wear out easy on-the-fly access and rain proof, Handlebar bag from Bedrock I am liking this design—might get a second one for the left side

Front bag—mostly empty—for stuffing food, occasional extra water and depending on the weather/time of day on-off stuff that I don’t want to ‘stop’ and repack in my seat bag things like like gloves, rain jacket, leg warmers etc

Sleep Bivy--Blizzard Survival Bag inside stuff sack—I ‘think’ I am going to like this system.  Yes its noisy but some 15 deg F testing in my garage indicates it will be warm –real testing to come in March on real rides/races

SP dyno hub, Exposure Revo light, waterproof buffer battery, Etrex 30, Sinewave USB, Ruggedized Kyocera Duraforce Smartphone, Diablo helmet light, have ordered a light/off/USB switch with pre-made wiring harness from klite!product/prd1/1992209975/top-cap-switch , a jersey clip on and frame rear blinkys

In the Ermine seat bag--Rain pants, rain jacket, thermal rest sleep pad, leg warmers, gore tex socks, wool socks, thin baklava, go-lite down jacket, go-lite thin gloves, warm over gloves, SPOT on top and about 2 spare 'twists' of the seal flap of extra room for more stuff as needed.

In small bag on the back of the seat tube-- inner tube, tape, hanger, sew, boot &patch kit, odds & ends

Here and there--First aid/elastic wrap, kinsio tape and various pills.  Personal-the usual stuff, wipes lotions etc, chain oil, multi tool, small Leatherman, water filter w/ 1 L collapsible water bottle, bear spray—still deciding if I will use a light ‘running’ style backpack as the spray carrier or maybe a chest strap, or as shown on the bike

I am sure there is stuff I forgot just now. 

As shown above, dry, it weighs in at 30.6lbs.
My general goal was to be 'just' sub 30 and I might still get there come Banff.


  1. Wow, great and super light setup, Marshal. I am really impressed. Please allow me one question. Where do you store additional food and/or water if needed? Does it all fit into the gas tank (which looks larger than a regular one) and/or jersey pockets?. Thanks. I look forward to meeting you in Banff, Mirko

  2. I have an old one of these on the front
    its empty and ready to carry food ext
    I am looking at one of these Zpaks to possible replace the revelate --
    --see ya in Banff......

  3. hum--wonder why the font did that

  4. Looks like you are getting your rig dialed in quite nicely. Have you used a bivy on all your TD efforts? I was sure longing for my tent last year as I was hunkered down in my moist bivy.

  5. I used a bivy in 2010. Like any gear choice there are plus and minus issues. I like the race benefits of my current bivy but real world testing might have me running back to my 2014 Zpak tent and sleeping bag sleep system

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