Wednesday, July 9, 2014

FAIL Fail fail

One of several time eating snow slides on day 3. 
Fail, fail,fail

Still working my way through all the screw ups that led to my scratch in Wise River. 
Grrrr--fail by flailing around instead of focused racing…………….ahh, no one to blame but myself…………..

In a nut shell I made a few incorrect choices regarding some of my gear and bike set up.  But more importantly I spent precious time and effort focusing on things that did not move me forward in an efficient manner.  Basically I squandered any prospect for a good result early on and could not keep my head, body and bike in the game. 

I believe I know what I did wrong, how to correct things--and yes, work & personal circumstance’s permitting, I plan to try again in 2015.


  1. Hi Marshal, really enjoyed your blog and very disappointed that you had to scratch. Interesting to see your write up when everything has settled down. Brilliant news that you're in for 2015. The very best of luck with everything and I'll be routing for you.

  2. Yeah Marshal! Glad to hear you're giving it another go! I'll see you up there as well! Curious too to find out where it all went wrong.